Training Bureau is responsible for making an officer as an all-rounder of physical fitness and shooting prior to take over the active duties. Officers after selection undergo through an extensive physical training at outdoor to be more agile and physically fit. State of the art shooting techniques make them more competent than ever.

They are also taken into class room activities like lecture or demonstration and modules with simulated environment.

It has the facilities to train an individual on Physical security and job related to advance work, surveillance and counter-counter surveillance, identification of Improvised Explosive Device, Training on Driving for Making Special Agents and Tactical Support Team.

This Bureau also arranged training for overseas applicants on demand and equally capable of instructing with the state of the art modules and methodology.


  • Impart basic training to the newly posted officers to make them efficient active agents to meet the requirement of SSF.
  • Conduct Physical Efficiency Test (PET) and Range Efficiency Test (RET) for all active agents as per the time scheduled planned by this bureau for each year.
  • Conduct training for foreign officers, Special Branch (Police) personnel, special agent driving course, etc including per-course for any army level course.
  • Organize and plan for demonstration on various drills related to VIP duties as per the direction of DG SSF.