Message of DG SSF Picture

Major General Md Shafiqur Rahman, OSP, SPP, afwc, psc 

Distinguished Visitors, welcome! It is indeed my great pleasure to invite you to visit the official website of Special Security Force (SSF), Bangladesh. Please take a virtual tour to the most prestigious institution of its kind in Bangladesh.

SSF is the premier national institution of Bangladesh which provides the physical security to the Head of the State, Head of the Government and other state declared VIPs. To accomplish its mission, the proud members of SSF are duty bound and responsible to protect its principals at any cost. Loyalty, honesty, integrity, discipline and strong moral remain few of the values to perform its responsibilities. Dignity, honour and pride with strong comradeship keep us united and duty bound. We are polite but firm. 

Keeping the people centric orientation of our Principals and their physical security in view, this Force was established in 1986. Since, its inception all members of this force worked relentlessly to ensure the protection, protocols and projections of the state VIPs. We have the most skilled, ethical, and combat hardened work force. No matter where we are around the world, our agents are displaying courage, commitment and character. In all our endeavours we are honour bound to demonstrate resolute competence, agility and unquestionable loyalty.

Over the past three decades or so, SSF achieved international prominence. And no matter the challenge, no matter how complex the environment, or how dangerous the situation, our agents never failed to perform our missions.With a motto “Allah is the Best Protector”, the vision of the force is oriented towards its dedication of becoming the Elites of the Elite’s.

As the Director General of this Force, I respectfully acknowledge the contribution of our founders and all previous members of this force for their splendid insight and persistent dedication for bringing this force into a standard of acclamation. I am honored to lead this remarkable team. 

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